• The 2nd Doctoral Colloquium on Sustainable Development
  • DOC-ME’2023
  • 5th and 6th October 2023
  • Faculty of Maritime Studies, Kotor



Research, scientific and professional outcomes (results) of the MARDS students

Publications of MARDS students

  1. "Proceedings of the 1st  Doctoral Colloquium on Sustainable Development”, DOC-ME’2022, web version

  2. Dejan Zejak,  Organska i biodinamička poljoprivreda u Crnoj Gori: rastući trendovi za održivu budućnost, MARDS, 2023


PhD proposals (research proposals)

 A correct PhD proposal (still not ideal)
  1. MSc Ivana Bulatović, Marine litter: Quantification, classification and improvement of the state of marine environment in Montenegro
  2. Other proposals (1st generation) (Ana Radović, David Kočović, Sanja Pavićević, Anita Martić, Snežana Lješnjak, Neda Bošković)

Seminar works, presentations

Professional and media articles

R5.1 Radovan Stojanović, Maša Jovanović, Why Sustainable Development Has Become a Priority Scientific Topic of Doctoral Studies, REFORMS INSIDE, Issue 3, 2022, pp. 7-13

Other documents-books-articles of interest

  1. Niamh M. Brennan, 100 PhD rules of the game to successfully complete a doctoral dissertation, January 2019, Accounting Auditing & Accountability Journal 32(1):364-376, DOI:  10.1108/AAAJ-01-2019-030

  2. Prof. dr Radovan Stojanovic, How to write MSc thesis? (pressentation for webinar of Student Parlament of University of Montenegro, in SRB/ME)

  3. Ivan Stojmenovic, The best method for presentation of research results in theses and papers, web version

  4. Ivan Stojmenović,Veljko Milutinović, How to write research articles in computing and engineering disciplines, web version 

DOC-ME 2023 (Submitted papers)

Paper 1:  Dejan Zejak et all
The influence of the application of fertilizers and bio stimulators on the quality of the fruit of red raspberry (Rubus idaeus L.) in the conditions of continental Montenegro

Paper 2:  Zeljko Kalezic et all

Montenegro's Roman Treasures: Unearthing, Preserving, and Promoting Cultural Heritage

Paper 3: 

Milena Ostojić et all
Demands for Green Jobs in Montenegro vs Capacity of Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study from a capacity building project

Paper 4:

Branislav Prorocic et all
Electrocoagulation Process in Wastewater Treatment

Paper 5: 

Anja Babic
Integrated approach to Skadar Lake ecosystem chemical risk assessment

Paper 6:

Helga Sallaku at all
Digital transformation of the energy ecosystem through all-in-one IoT edge-cloud solutions

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