• The 2nd Doctoral Colloquium on Sustainable Development
  • DOC-ME’2023
  • 5th and 6th October 2023
  • Faculty of Maritime Studies, Kotor

PhD Programme "Sustainable Development"

Curriculum: Structure


1st semester (30 ECTS)

2nd semester (30ECTS)

  • Elective multidisciplinary course, one from #27-#31, 5ECTS
  • Initial research on thesis, 20ECTS
  • Doctoral Colloquium, 5ECTS


3rd, 4th and 5th Semester

  • Work on thesis, 80ECTS
  • International research study stay (min 1month), 10ECTS

6th Semester

Preparation and defending of thesis, 30 ECTS


Short guide:
1st year
Student start from 1st semester, has 1 obligatory course and 2 elective. Chose elective courses from bellow list ( #2-#28) according his/her field of interest. As example, student is coming from field of electrical engineering, subfield electronics, telecommunications and computers, for him/her are fitting #2,#4,#5, #13, #20 etc, chose 2 from them. In 2nd semester chose 1 course from   #28-#31 regarding what wants. With Mentor works on Initial Thesis research and Prepare Doctoral Colloquium. Doctoral Colloquium is student conference, where student has to present his/her research, no matter what stage they are in. See example 
2nd and 3rd year
Student is working with his supervisor on thesis. He must spend at minimum 1 month in some aboard institution within research and study stay. All documents on progress during those years are equivalent with proposition of Centre for doctoral studies.